Subaru Safety Stories

Your safety is one of our biggest considerations when we design and manufacture your Subaru. It’s no wonder then, that every one of our vehicles has been awarded a 5-star ANCAP occupant safety rating.

But what does that mean for you? The following are real-life stories from everyday Subaru drivers who were able to walk away from severe traffic incidents. Read on, and find out how our commitment to road safety helped them.

Avon’s Lucky Liberty

Liberty driver, Avon Perera, was travelling to a friend’s house along the Monash Freeway in Melbourne when a vehicle in the lane next to him was pushed into his path, resulting in an accident at approximately 100km/h.

In a split second the airbags deployed and Avon’s vehicle rolled on its side and slid down the freeway.

Avon said: “Despite the violence of it all, I was reassured by the fact that I had chosen this car specifically for its safety. Even while hurtling down the road with the car rolling and sliding on the driver’s side door, airbags deployed, windows shattered and my head inches away from the road surface, there was never a point where I feared for my life.”

When the vehicle stopped, onlookers were quick to assist and were surprised to find that Avon had suffered no serious injuries. The driver’s side compartment was intact despite taking the brunt of the impact.

Avon continued: “ It was such a surreal moment when I unclipped my seatbelt and pulled myself out of the passenger window, and I took a moment to just sit on the side of my car (while it was still on the driver’s side) and just look around at the carnage. Everyone who stopped to help was amazed that I had survived, let alone able to pull myself out of my car without a scratch, especially the ambulance personnel who checked me out.

“What it boils down to though, is that the Liberty performed exceptionally well – as this living crash test dummy can attest. Despite the enormous forces and impact involved, the passenger cell and interior looked remarkably intact. I have no doubt whatsoever that I would have suffered serious injury, paralysis or even death had I been in a lesser car. The impact force was simply incredible!”

Avon is a firm believer of the advantages of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and believes that it has helped him tackle difficult conditions, such as bad weather, several times before the accident.

He’s currently researching which Subaru he’ll purchase to replace his beloved Liberty.

Robin’s Outback A Lifesaver

Robin Dobson was driving her trusty Subaru Outback when she collided almost head on with a truck.

Heading up the steep Blackall Ranges in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Robin was confronted with a truck heading towards her, weaving across the wet road. Before she could react, the truck hit her Outback and pushed her backwards down the hill.

Robin said: “At the time of impact I felt certain that I was about to die. What I remember next is that the car was on the other side of the road going backwards down the hill. Desperate to stop, fortunately I had the presence of mind to pull on the handbrake and to put the car into 'park'.

“I tried to get out but couldn't open the driver's side door. I managed to then haul myself across to the passenger side and open it. The whole time I was incredulous at having survived.”

Robin was taken to Nambour Hospital where staff believed she would have serious internal injuries. Much to their surprise, all tests were clear and despite some extensive bruising, a broken rib, chipped sternum and very sore neck Robin was released from hospital after two days of observation.

Robin believes the Outback saved her life.

“I owe my life to the airbags inflating on impact and the way the vehicle is constructed so that the engine is pushed under the cabin instead of into it in the event of a head-on collision.”

Sad to see her eight-and-a-half year old Outback written off, Robin has just taken delivery of her new MY10 Outback.

“I shall always be grateful that I was in the 'right' car at the time of the accident. Had I been driving another, less safe, vehicle the accident might well have proved fatal.”

Jacinta’s Trusty Outback

Jacinta Barker was driving her Subaru Outback from Melbourne to her home in Yea when she was involved in a head on collision.

Both vehicles were travelling at speeds of around 80 km/h and had little time to brake, resulting in a significant crash.

Police and paramedics were surprised to find Jacinta was able to walk away from the accident with only bruising – a tribute to Subaru’s five-star safety rating, six airbags, ring-shaped passenger safety cell and advanced crumple zone technology.

Though her Outback’s a write-off, Jacinta believes it saved her life and was the reason she was able to walk away with relatively minor injuries – the other driver was trapped in his vehicle for several hours and was airlifted to hospital in a serious condition.

Understandably, Jacinta has just taken delivery of a brand new Outback.

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Zach’s Five Star Safety Tale

Zach Coleman collided head on with a semi trailer and lived to tell the tale. He was driving a Subaru.

Zach was only a few kilometres from his home in Kinglake, Victoria when, on a winding hill descent, a semi trailer due to its brakes locking up, jack-knifed into the path of his Subaru Liberty.  He had no choice but to collide with its trailer.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and based on the damage to the vehicle believed an airlift to hospital would be needed. To their surprise, Zach could be transported via ambulance after being able to walk away from the crash wreckage with only minor injuries.

Zach admits lying in hospital thinking his vehicle may be repairable, based on his injuries. But after seeing the wreck, he realised there was no way it could be salvaged, and just how lucky he had been.

Zach said: “Everything worked the way it was meant to and, as a result, I am here to tell the tale.”

Convinced that Subaru’s active and passive safety technologies including Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, and the five star ANCAP occupant safety rating, played a major part in his survival, Zach’s next vehicle will be a Subaru.

“I will definitely be purchasing another Subaru. All the paramedics at the scene commented on Subaru’s safety and how lucky I was to be alive. No other vehicle will be considered.”

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Subaru’s Safety Strength

Subaru driver Thomas Berger was travelling home in his Impreza when a wombat found its way onto the road.

Instinctively, Thomas swerved to miss the marsupial, but his vehicle left the tarmac and when it reached the gravel shoulder it slid and clipped a tree. The impact forced the Impreza to hit two more trees in quick succession.

Amazingly, Thomas walked away with a few minor cuts and scratches and a sore shoulder.

Thomas said: “I believe it was the strength of the car that saved me.

“I couldn’t believe it when the car started on the first attempt and got me home at four o’clock in the morning. It was lucky as I didn’t have my phone and there aren’t many people on country roads at that time of the morning.”

Thomas’ parents bought the Subaru for their children to learn to drive – they thought it was a safe option, especially for inexperienced drivers.

Glad they chose a Subaru, Thomas has learnt another important lesson from the experience, “I definitely won’t be swerving to miss any more wombats,” he joked.

The Berger family have taken delivery of a 2009 Subaru Impreza RS sedan and love their new car.

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