15 Years Marks Success For Subaru Melbourne

Tue, 30/05/2017

Subaru Melbourne (SM) marks the 15th anniversary of its flagship dealership, Subaru Interactive @ Docklands, Victoria, this month.

SM includes nine sales and service centres in metropolitan Melbourne: Berwick, Doncaster, Essendon, Northland, Werribee, Glen Waverley, Docklands, Mentone and Camberwell.

The Subaru Melbourne network of dealerships and experience stores has seen impressive growth in response to shifting demographics and consumer demand.

The milestone for Subaru Interactive @ Docklands also marks a successful wave of major investment for Subaru within the region.

The introduction of fresh concepts to the brand and automotive industry through the opening of Subaru ‘do’ Experience pop-up stores in Northland and Werribee Shopping Centre last year are key examples.

The transition of the pop-ups into permanent stores is the latest progression of SM and exhibits the appeal of this concept to a broader customer base as part of Subaru’s ‘do’ initiative.

Subaru Interactive @ Docklands was the catalyst in pushing the envelope for a holistic brand experience for customers on a national scale.

Subaru Australia Network Development Manager, Toby O’Bree, said: “Subaru Interactive @ Docklands was a stepping stone in providing a platform for new, contemporary and interactive designs to the retail environment.

“We stretched the concept of ‘do’ to its limits –  by understanding how customers interact with the brand and focus on how we can improve that, we implemented this into Docklands to enrich the whole customer experience.”

Since its establishment, Docklands has been a model for the rest of the network - built on the standards set by the flagship dealership.

Docklands also sold 65,036 vehicles in total since its establishment. 

Subaru Interactive @ Docklands currently has various facilities including its own movie theatre and interactive room, to experience Subaru’s virtual world with computers and free internet access, plus an All-Wheel-Drive course offering customers the opportunity to experience the off and on-road capabilities of Subaru models across different terrains.

Future plans for the dealership will involve upgrades to the Subaru Tecnica International (STI) showroom. The superior makeover will exhibit  performance vehicles and showcase a selection of Subaru’s historic vehicles.

The dealership also takes great pride in supporting local communities through sporting, creative, cultural and community events. The various sponsorships includes Bully Zero, MacKillop Family Services, Mt Buller and Melbourne Renegades.

Subaru Interactive @ Docklands celebrates the month with special offers on vehicles across the range. Visit www.subarudocklands.com.au for more information.